Haircut is what makes or ruins your looks. That is one aspect of your appearance which, if messed up, can't be hidden except with a hat or stole. Choose your hairstyle or consult the men's hair stylist at Polonica to give you the flattering look you can wear to office or to a casual party-out. There is a hairstyle or cut to suit every lifestyle. From short-hair styles to long-hair styles, from wild and extreme to executive and formal, there is a haircut specialized for every face.

Square-back, bowl cut/mushroom cut, crew cut, flattop, spikes, bangs, mullet, wedge, French crop and so on are some of the cuts and styles that are popular among all men. Some clients are ardent patrons of their standard hairstyles and do not want to experiment while others try different hairstyles every month and then figure out what best highlights their style. Polonica caters to both types of clients and sees to it that the best of service is delivered and ensures that your haircut is cool, suave and bold as you are.

Our extensive range of haircuts is ever expanding with new styles frequently added to the list. Haircuts and styles to suit every season and fashion to best highlight mane fashion is our focus. There is no more reason why you should not let your crowning glory earn you compliments. Flip through the Polonica range of exclusive men's haircuts and see what best speaks your personal style statement.

Shaving & Other Necessities

Shaving is one of the essential services for men's grooming and personal care. A smooth, bruise-less shave is the expertise of Polonica men's stylists. Expert service using the most hygienic and safest of shaving equipment of global standards gives you a close, fast and smooth shave. The cologne or after-shave treatment will cool your skin and prevent razor burn or rashes. For shaving services, we use the finest shaving kit plus after-shave care. Oil massage is an essential stress-buster. Head massage or body massage using essential oils will give you a refreshed energy and relaxation. Head-destress is another specialty of head massage which will beat the stress and give renewed life for lifeless and dull hair. Grey coverage, hair wash & conditioning, and classic manicure & pedicure for well-groomed hands and feet are some of the other essentials.

There is no exception for men when it comes to essential beauty care. The hydrating Pure Moist facial and the Insta Glow facial are for all, particularly for men who are constantly on the move and need refreshed countenance instantly and for those whose skin gets rummaged with frequent travel and harsh temperatures or extreme weather conditions. Essentials in the individual itinerary are purely based on one's lifestyle, personality and physical appearance.

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