Dry skin Treatments

Age Defence, Pure Moist and Classic Refresh are some of the wide range of facials offered to treat dry skin. Age Defence improves the elasticity of your skin, making your skin tone even, younger-looking and renewed. Pure Moist, as the name indicates, exclusively moisturizes your skin and makes it supple, tender and silky smooth. Classic Refresh is a quick lift-up for your skin, on the go. Those with dry skin can put an end to their skin problems. Come and treat yourself to these facials exclusively formulated for dry skin and see how you too can enjoy a supple, soft, smooth and fresh-looking moisturized skin with which you can brave any weather.

For Oily Skin

Extra care is needed to keep oily skin clean and healthy. Polonica' range of facials for oily skin helps in treating all of the oily-skin disorders. Clear Tone, Pure Pore, Classic Refresh and Skin Brightening are some of those which will vanish the problems of oily skin. Clear Tone is effective to keep away acne and blemishes. The Pore Pure regimen clears the oily pores, repairs the oily complexion and makes it healthy and fresh. The Classic Refresh is a mini facial for those who are always on the move and want a quick touch-up glow for their skin. Skin Brightening will leave your skin brightened and radiant. With this bouquet of facials for oily skin, Polonica can take away your worries about oily skin.

Anti-ageing Treatment

This is a multi-step beautifying and skin renewing facial which is formulated to stimulate, exfoliate and nourish tired and sagging skin. It prevents early ageing and wrinkles. It is a skin-lift and renewal treatment that can give you a younger, fresher skin. Pure Moist is indeed a pure moist treatment meant to hydrate your skin and leaving it feel soft and silky. Anti-ageing treatments at Polonica are effective and give visible results. Go ahead to defy your age.

Polonica's Spa Facials

Polonica brings you an exclusive range of spa facials. The Detox/Revive Facial/Spa Immerse pampers your skin to a healthy detoxifying treat with some of the choicest aromatic botanicals and a careful selection of herbs which will also improve blood circulation, hydration besides detoxification. The blend of pleasant fragrance with herbs of therapeutic properties can do no less than improving your skin texture and leaving it revitalized. In fact a regular spa facial can actually put premature ageing away and maintain your skin health.

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