Hands & Feet


Feet care is the most neglected beauty care by most people. Beauty care for feet includes opting for some simple services such as Radiant Feet, Intense Moisturizing, Classic Pedicure and so on. Polonica' services for feet care concentrate on cleaning, moisturizing, making your feet feel and look soft, smooth and well maintained. The exclusive pedicure services which are aimed at soothing the weary soles of your feet and toes will make them relaxed and rejuvenated. Massage, cuticle care, paraffin treatment & sun tan removal will keep your feet beautiful.


Caring for hands is a must. A professional manicure will make it convenient for you to relax as you leave your finger nails and hands to get treated to moisturizers and proper cleaning. Healthy and soft hands are the mark of good manicure. The Intense Moisturizing manicure at Polonica will give your hands vitamin-rich moisturizing combined with exfoliation & massage. Classic Manicure involves a trim of your nails to beautiful shape, cuticle care and a relaxing massage. Tired and dry hands now have a workable solution with the manicure treatments available at Polonica. Do the honor of treating your hands and nails to the pampering manicure at Polonica, and your hands will smile back at you.

Polishing & Nail Painting

Hands and feet care does not end with manicure and pedicure or trim and softening. A beautiful polish of your nails can add glamour to your hands and feet. The Cut, File and Polish exclusive at Polonica gives your hands and feet a fresh look. The nails are beautifully trimmed, cuticles cleaned & treated to make them beautiful. In our nail art service, the nails are painted and decorated with exclusive designs and accessories. Nail art is for those who want to go in for a revolutionary, contemporary and unconventional look for hands and feet beauty care. These creative nail art designs can be an attention-grabber and will get you compliments for unconventional beauty care.

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