Removal of unwanted hair is a painful exercise. Some of the olden techniques such as waxing, use of hair-removal creams, shaving have become mere home remedies. Today, as many would agree, a visit to the beauty salon is a wiser option. Simple reason is effectiveness and relaxation during service. It is far more relaxing and at the same time you are assured of professional expertise, as these services certainly need help and is difficult to be done on your own.

At Polonica, there is no compromise on quality of service. Moreover, we are constantly on the quest to devise latest and painless beauty care for our clients. Therefore we have introduced Depileve waxing at our salons. Depileve waxing is less painful and more effective than the older waxing procedure. Depileve waxing is the latest, gentle hair removal system that works deep into hair follicles and removes hair without damaging the skin.

The variants for Depileve wax are available to suit all skin types. This type of waxing leaves your skin super-smooth, nourished and with no stubble of hair on the waxed area. Our clients who have tried Depileve waxing prefer this waxing system over the traditional waxing system because of its ease of use and comparatively less pain. Whether you need full body waxing, or arms, legs or midriff, we can assure you of expert waxing that gently removes hair and slows further growth. So come over to Polonica and enjoy the latest technology of hair removal system.

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